AC/DC Get Mystical In New Music Video for “Witch’s Spell”

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The last new material we heard from Australian arena-rockers AC/DC was in January with the release of their high-volume video for the track “Realize.” Now, the band are back with a new music video offering for another track from January’s epic Power Up, this one for “Witch’s Spell,” which you can see below.

The premise for “Witch’s Spell” is real simple: there’s a witch, lit heavily purple, who’s super into AC/DC, and she summons the band through various magical means. Whether they’re playing in the misty confines of a crystal ball of popping out of a hand of Tarot cards, the band are bringing their hard rock magic (rockumancy?) to this witch’s altar, and she seems pretty stoked about it. It is never revealed whether or not the witch in question is wearing Daisy Dukes and a cut-off T-shirt that shows her midriff, but given AC/DC, it’s safe to assume that.

Check out the video for “Witch’s Spell” below:

AC/DC’s Power Up is out now on all streaming services.

According to a recent interview with Atlanta’s Rock 100.5, vocalist Brian Johnson thinks that it’s amazing we got a new AC/DC album at all — but that once the band were in the room together again, it was obvious that this one was going to be good.

“It’s something probably nobody thought would happen,” said Johnson. “It was about 2018, and Angus was contacted by the record company, who said, ‘Do you fancy doing an album?’ And Angus said, ‘Well, let’s ask the boys.’ So he asked me and Cliff and Phil. And Stevie was there, obviously. And I think we all said ‘yes’ immediately; we just said, ‘This would be great.’ And, of course, we went off to Vancouver in about August. As soon as we walked in, there was this electricity, this bond that had been built up over 38 years since I joined. And, of course, when the boys plugged in, or powered up, if you’ll excuse the pun, and they started playing, that was it. It was a great time.”


Words by Chris Krovatin