Watch This Hardcore Goth Get Made Over Into an Instagram Model

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Unless they have the coolest family in the world, most metalheads have at one time or another been told to dress more like a “normal person.” But in the words of Morticia Addams, what’s normal to the spider is chaos to the fly, and as such goths, punks, and metal fans have spent most of their lives staring at the sweater vests and cream-colored blouses they’ve gotten for Christmas and thinking, Man, what the fuck is wrong with whoever would wear this?

A perfect example of this is a new video in which a diehard goth gets made over to look like an Instagram model — and is aghast at her new look.

Two things about the video you’ll see below are especially heartwarming. First, there’s the fact that Aryn, AKA Vampryn, isn’t the typical goth these sorts of makeover shows love to feature.

She’s not a teenage girl with dark eyeliner and fishnets on her arms, she’s a full-on modern Aghori. The second is that there isn’t a sparkly reveal that’s supposed to show us how much prettier she looks when made over like a typical IG influencer.

Aryn is awkwardly horrified by her new appearance, and both her sister and her boyfriend seem genuinely disturbed by the transformation. Rather than act like Aryn is finally presentable, the video shows that the black clothes and intense make-up she normally wears are a true expression of who she is.

Watch the video below and behold the epic metamorphosis:

Cheers to Aryn for both being brave enough to undergo this extreme makeover and honest enough to acknowledge that she hates her new look by the end.

And to all you goths, punks, metalheads, death rockers, and generally oddly-dressed people out there, we just want to say, from the bottom of our collective hearts: you look fucking cool. Only change if you want to.


Words by Chris Krovatin