Suspect208, the Band Featuring the Sons of Slash and Robert Trujillo, Have Broken Up

Last year, the world heard the debut single from Suspect208, a band featuring a considerable line-up of rock progeny. On vocals was Noah Weiland (son of Stone Temple Pilots vocalist Scott Weiland), on drums was London Hudson (son of guitar legend Slash), and on bass was Tye Trujillo (son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo). However, earlier this year, the band parted ways with Weiland due to substance abuse issues, and now it appears they have broken up entirely.

According to Wall of Sound, Suspect208 officially called it quits when their replacement vocalist, Cody Houston, left the band to focus on being a dad. Guitarist Niko Tsangaris told Wall of Sound, “We decided to end it because Tye left and Cody left to be a dad and we didn’t want to keep dividing up our fan base by getting new people. We’re starting a clean slate with [our new project] @s8ntelektric and we’re all very excited about it. There’s some amazing musicians in that band and we’re all very driven!”

This is honestly just disappointing because the band’s first singles, “Long Awaited” and “Nicotine,” were actually pretty solid, and led to the rock and metal world acknowledging that Suspect208 might be more than just the sum of their parts (or the sum of their parts’ dads).

However, just because Suspect208 is breaking up doesn’t mean the various members don’t have other things in the works. Tsangaris and Hudson have apparently begun working together in the project S8nt Elektric, while Trujillo is working with bands including Loco Lords, Switchblade, Ottto, and Thredge. According to Tsangaris, S8nt Elektric will “probably going to have 4 singles out by September. We’ve been writing a lot together and it’s been going great! We have a song set to release for the end of each month.”

Everyone at The Pit wishes the dudes from Suspect208 all the best in their future musical endeavors.


Words by Chris Krovatin

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