Soldiers of Destruction Toss A Sonic Molotov Cocktail on “Undefeated”

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Fans of rock literature and journalism have undoubtedly heard of Morat, the mohawked punk famous for his musical discoveries and his several excellent books, including biker fantasy epic The Road to FeroCity and the novella-length autobiography Punk Snot Dead. But some might not know Soldiers of Destruction, Morat’s London-based punk band, formed in 1981. Now, the quartet have released “Undefeated,” the rollicking first track off of their upcoming LP Cause and Affect, and if you didn’t know the Soldiers before today, you certainly will now.

“Undefeated” has everything one wants from a punk track — razor-slash riffs, knuckle-cracking bass, and belted gang vocals about standing up to the bastards who buy and sell all that’s good in humanity for their own gain. But what’s especially powerful about the lyric video accompanying the track is its use of contemporary photos to make up its stream-of-pissed-off-consciousness collage. For years, punk acts have photocopied the same five images of protestors from the ’60s screaming at jackbooted cops, but in 2021, these revolutionary acts are happening every day, making it the perfect time for the Soldiers’ brand of punk to leap screaming into the sonic fray.

“Undefeated came about when that useless orange turd was in the White House, but it pertains just as much to Boris Johnson and his muppets in the UK,” says Morat. “It’s very easy to get downhearted when they rob everyone blind to line their own pockets and literally get away with murder, but for every step they take back to the dark ages, we take a step forward. Gay marriage is legal, weed is legal or decriminalised in a lot of places, and as slow as progress seems, there is still progress. So long as we never give in, we are undefeated.”

Check out “Undefeated” below:

Soldiers of Destruction’s Cause and Affect comes out June 18th on American’t Records, and is available for preorder.


Words by Chris Krovatin