New Metal Releases Out Today: 5/28

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It’s Friday, which means two things: giving the week the finger and new music! Tune in every Friday for The Pit’s round-up of new metal releases, from singalong hard rock to pus-drenched underground death metal. Keep those ears bleeding!

Portal, AVOW (Profound Lore)

For fans of: Dreams about teeth, the sea at night, Deathspell Omega

Standout track: “Offune”

Nothing like kicking off the weekend with an album that sounds like DMT flooding your brain when you die. Portal are one of the world’s most aggressively misanthropic bands on earth, and on AVOW they show no signs of letting up, bathing the listener in a nonstop deluge of rackety blastbeasts, cordyceps riffs, and a general sense of panic and horror. There’s nothing here that’s catchy or hopeful, just a frantic expression of one’s own madness eating them from the inside out like wasp larvae cannibalizing the spider their mom laid her eggs on.  If you’re ready for fun, well, tough.

Perturbator, Lustful Sacraments (Blood Music)

For fans of: Carpenter Brut, Bauhaus, Slasher Dave

Standout track: “Secret Devotion”

It’s cool to hear how Perturbator has graduated from synthwave horror project to full-on heavy goth act. Obviously, the electronic elements are still at the forefront of Lustful Sacraments, it just sounds a little less like a party where everyone’s invited and more of a shadowy ritual. This is solid music for when you look sexy as fuck in an all-black outfit and want to walk down a city street smoking an extra-long cigarette. Fuck off fi you don’t know what we’re talking about.

Burning Witches, The Witch of the North (Nuclear Blast)

For fans of: Unleash The Archers, Grand Magus, Battle Beast

Standout track: “Thrall”

It’s easy to see Burning Witches — and hear snippets of their music — and think, Oh, cool, power metal. But the deeper one digs, the more one finds beneath the surface of The Witch of the North. There’s a ton of solid shred here, and some very cool vocal and rhythm dynamics throughout. Sure, it’s also huge, epic Viking metal made by five women who look like they could kick your ass any day of the week, but the attitude present in the songs gives the whole thing an unexpected shot in the arm. We miss Wacken!

Impaled Nazarene, Eight Headed Serpent (Osmose Productions)

For fans of: Midnight, Carpathian Forest, Tsjuder 

Standout track: “Debauchery and Decay”

Here we go again. If you don’t know Finland’s Impaled Nazarene, then you might want to do a little back-listening before encountering Eight Headed Serpent. Not that the album isn’t a fucking Christ-beheader — this shit rules, without question — only that the band are perhaps a little more offensive and aggressive than you think. You might see that name and think grand satanic blackened death metal, when really you’re going to take a thrashy, acidic money shot to the eardrums. I mean, the opening sample alone…

Other crushers:

  • GWAR, The Disc With No Name (Pit Records)
  • The Flight of Sleipnir, Eventide (Eisenwald)
  • Cirith Ungol, Half Past Human EP

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Words by Chris Krovatin