HEALTH and Nine Inch Nails Drop Heavy New Collaboration “Isn’t Everyone”

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Industrial shadowmongers HEALTH have seen their star rise considerably over the past couple of years with their seething, bass-heavy brand of dark electronic music. Now, the band have reached perhaps the greatest benchmark that any act like them could ask for: they’ve collaborated with Nine Inch Nails, the result being their heavy, atmospheric new track “Isn’t Everyone.”

Overall, “Isn’t Everyone” is a little more pop-oriented than old-school NIN fans might desire. But the track still has the powerful low end and a nihilistic sense of humanity that made Trent Reznor famous. If anything, the song’s warm, chocolatey vibe will provide hardened metal folks with good respite music, the kind of song one wants to listen to while hung over or having some extra-hot sex. More than anything, it shows that HEALTH are up to the task — collaborating with your genre’s founding fathers must be a little intimidating, but these guys see it through with flying colors.

Check out HEALTH and Nine Inch Nails’ “Isn’t Everyone” below:

Not only do HEALTH now have the great industrial band of our time working alongside them, they’re also working with multiple Oscar winners. Earlier this year, Reznor, collaborator Atticus Ross, and musician Jon Batiste snagged an academy award for their score of Disney and Pixar’s Soul. The award is Reznor and Ross’ second Oscar, having nabbed their first back in 2011 for the score they did for David Fincher’s Facebook creation drama The Social Network.

In a Thank-You cam appearance after their victory, Reznor said, “I would like to thank my wife, and my awesome kids, for providing the energy and the spirituality and the…engine that allows me to tap into it. And just to be happy and alive. Thank you to the Academy for the recognition. It really means a lot.”

Check out footage of the speech below:


Words by Chris Krovatin