French President Emmanuel Macron Hosts Metal Concert In His Palace

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Though often dogged by a reputation for high-culture fancy-pantsery, the French are actually pretty metal. Sure, champagne and surrender are commonly-acknowledged products of France, but so are Gojira and the guillotine. Now, French president Emmanuel Macron has even gotten down with the riff-based world, hosting and attending a metal concert at his palace as part of a YouTube bet he lost.

According to Reuters, the bet was between Macron and comedians McFly and Carlito; the former urged the latter to make a video promoting masks, social distancing and hand-washing for their six million-plus YouTube followers. If the video hit 10 million views, said Macroni & Cheese, he would allow the duo to film their next project at his Elysee palace.

The comedians won the bet, which resulted in a 36-minute video which takes viewers on a stroll through Elysee while Macronicron and the comedians chat and ask each other questions. The whole thing ends with an appearance by French metal band Ultra Vomit, who perform a heavy cover of classic French lullaby “A Green Mouse” (“Une souris verte” — its opening notes are what you’ve heard in every comedy when somebody fancy and French walks on screen).

Responding to some of their critics regarding their choice to play this bizarre show, Ultra Vomit wrote on their Facebook (as translated by the site), “Oh, we don’t know we might crumble some of you…Notably leaves…Shirts, even some socks. To all of these, I would say that unfortunately it is impossible to ‘iron’ at the Elysee…In short, it is known that some will tick (and ticks will be sure) but just keep in mind that after reversing the letters on the Olympia facade, the next step was to play the grind at the Elysee.

“Any other annoying interpretation based on ‘all policies’ would be an annoying interpretation. And so we hope this will make you laugh because they didn’t lie to us the bastards: it’s crazy!
“Long live the republic, and long live there… What the fuck is happening to me?? Kisses friends!

Check out the video below:

Whether or not Joe Biden would be man enough to invite Cannibal Corpse to play the White House remains to be seen. But just a heads up, Joe, if you don’t, then we’re less metal than the fucking French. Do you want that on your conscience?


Words by Chris Krovatin