Dethklok Are Back: Adult Swim Announces New ‘Metalocalypse’ Movie

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Short of Headbanger’s Ball, no TV show has ever been more important to the world of heavy metal than Metalocalypse, the Adult Swim animated series about the trials and tribulations of world-conquering death metal band Dethklok. But despite countless requests from fans, the adult animation station has shown no sign of wanting to continue the show since the last episode aired in 2013…until today. Now, it’s been confirmed that Adult Swim is working on a new Metalocalypse movie.

As reported by Metal Injection, the film will be directed by show creators and voice actors Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, and will be one of three of the network’s canceled series to get their own movies, the other two being The Venture Brothers and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Here’s the synopsis of the new Metalocalypse film:

The power-hungry TRIBUNAL unveils their secret and deadly “Falconback Project” as the world grows in embattled chaos and the menacing Doomstar breaches the Earth’s atmosphere while the mysterious and twisted dissent of a band member threatens the future of Dethklok. Picking up directly after the heroic rescue of Toki Wartooth: Can Dethklok choose between their egos and the greater good of the world to embark on a gauntlet of dangers that will try their very souls and finally write the song that will be their salvation?

The movie will debut on home video and on-demand for three months, and then will stream for free on HBO Max and Adult Swim. The movie soundtrack will be released on WaterTower Music.

These original films have been green-lit. Any complaints and we’re turning this internet around and going home
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Posted by Adult Swim on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

More than anything, we’d like to take this moment to say, HELL YES, Dethklok are back.

If you want to catch up on the show before the movie, make sure to read our ranking of every episode of Metalocalypse from worst to best.


Words by Chris Krovatin