Death Comes Ripping: Drummer’s Corpse Propped Up Behind Drum Kit at Memorial

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A favorite pastime of any metalhead worth their salt is imagining their own funeral. Whether it’s having one’s corpse interred at a gothic cathedral while “Hand of Doom” plays in the background, or having it strung up and beaten by children like a piñata, the creative morbidity that comes with being a metal fan manifests itself in a lot of fun fantasies honoring death and the use of one’s cadaver. Now, one drummer has topped most musicians’ postmortem fantasies by having his corpse propped up behind a drum kit at his memorial.

As reported by Metal Injection, the drummer in question was one Brentnol McPherson, also known as Bonny Brent. The unorthodox but totally amazing memorial was planned by his family, who apparently (and, we’d see, wonderfully) thought Bobby would rather be honored sitting behind a kit rather than lying in some coffin like a piece of art. As you’ll see in the footage below, Bonny’s body is surrounded by flowers, and he has his drum sticks propped in his hands.

“Reunited with his dad the late greats Tom Charles, Pamela Maynard, Dennis Brown and the many artists gone before him…” wrote Covenant Funeral Homes, the organization that made this strange yet incredible request come tru. “This was truly an honor! THANK YOU BONNY….WE SAID WE NEEDED TO TELL THE WORLD ABOUT JESUS….. WITHOUT HIM, This would still be in my dreams……I know you are happy!!!”

Check out footage of Bonny’s last performance below, but just a warning, the video contains imagery and footage that might upset or scare more sensitive readers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Everyone at The Pit sends their heart out to Bonny’s friends, family, fans and collaborators during what we’re sure is a difficult time. We think it’s awesome that the service remembering him involved him getting to sit behind the drums one final time.


Words by Chris Krovatin