You Can Buy An HM-2 Pedal Wallet Now

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We’ve all been there: you’re getting ready to pay for dinner on a date or emptying your pockets at the airport or getting patted down by the fuzz, and you think, Man, I wish my wallet told the world that I’m unhealthily obsessed with guitar pedals and/or Swedish death metalOtherwise, how will anyone know how cool I am? Fortunately, one online shop has you covered, having made the ultimate accessory for the modern metalhead: the HM-2 wallet.

This piece of merch gold comes from Banger TV correspondent and Brand of Sacrifice ultra-stan Bradley Zorgdrager, who produced the wallet designed to look exactly like Boss’ HM-2 Heavy Metal guitar pedal, which we don’t need to tell you was a huge portion of the infamous Swedish death metal sound espoused by acts like Entombed and Dismember.

“Carry that Swedish death metal buzzsaw tone in your pocket with a nylon tri-fold wallet that looks like the most boss guitar pedal, the HM-2,” says the site. “This design was painstakingly measured and made to be accurate to the chainsaw revving pedal. Show off your love of Swedish death metal royalty like Entombed, Dismember, At the Gates, Grave and Bloodbath. Flex your knowledge of the grindcore, hardcore and crust punk bands that adapted it, such as Black Breath, Trap Them, Nails, Harms Way and Rotten Sound.

“Whether you call it the chainsaw tone, buzzsaw tone or just the best damn tone out there, the HM-2 is a legendary guitar pedal.”

Check out the wallet here:

The HM-2 Wallet is available for pre-order at a specialty discount price, so hop on it while you can. Full disclosure: The Pit takes no responsibility for the fact that purchasing this wallet will not make your music sound anywhere near as good as At The Gates’ Slaughter of the Soul, so don’t come complaining to us when that doesn’t happen.


Words by Chris Krovatin