Video Nasties’ New Track “Draw The Shades” Is The Sickest Thing You’ll Hear All Day

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If you’re not familiar with Video Nasties yet, you have to get on that, man. Last year’s Dominion was a ripping piece of pure entertainment, a gush of mindblowing horror-inspired black’n’roll that had fans of both ’70s zombie flicks and first-wave black thrash frothing at the mouth. The record was so killer that it easily made the #7 spot on our Top 20 Albums of 2020. Now, the band have dropped a new single, and goddamn if it isn’t one of the best songs we’ve heard this year.

The track is called “Draw The Shades,” and it not only upholds Video Nasties vicious sonic standard, it takes it a few steps further. The track’s headbanging pace and arch, bladed riffs automatically pull metal listeners and old-school horror heads into the fray; in that way, the track has a cinematic quality to it, a raw emotion that is often touched upon by the scariest of movies. Of course, the humming synths and neon-lined solo in the middle of the track certainly lend a retro Halloween vibe to the song that everyone can dig on.

“We’re extremely excited about ‘Draw The Shades,'” says bassist Rick Owen. “It’s our first single since the release of Dominion and we feel it picks up right where They Rise left off so it makes a perfect companion piece for the repress of the album. We decided to go down the same path with recording it ourselves, to make sure we really nailed the early 90s sound that we felt we captured so well with Dominion. At its crux, the song is about addiction. Whether that is blood, drugs or love…There is a need that has to be sated.”

Check out “Draw The Shades” below:

Video Nasties’ “Draw The Shades” is available via their Bandcamp, and can be purchased as a limited-edition flexi disc alongside the second pressing of Dominion.


Words by Chris Krovatin