Sevendust’s Clint Lowery On Playing Live With Korn: “I Was Just Mesmerized By The Chaos Of It All”

Jonathan Davis by Alexandre Cardoso, via Wikipedia.
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Most people know Clint Lowery as the longtime guitarist of veteran hard rockers Sevendust. But in 2007, Clint did a stint as the live guitarist for nu-metal pioneers Korn. And when speaking to The Pit about Sevendust’s recent livestreams, Clint opened up about how Korn’s live show wasn’t exactly the well-oiled machine that some might assume it is.

When discussing the future of livestreaming, Clint was quick to point out that he thinks that streaming will evolve beyond just performance footage: “It won’t be a production, running it with cameras and editing it. It’ll be more like, throw some GoPros up, document a show every tour, and let that be the livestream. Because not everyone who can get to the shows or tours…That’s where the grit and dirt and behind the scenes stuff is the most interesting. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by how boring we are, but those are the ways of interacting with technology I like. It’ll take some of the mystery away, but it creates another tier of entertainment for the people.”

It’s an interesting concept — watching in real time as, say, Trent Reznor or Jonathan Davis runs around backstage. At the mention of Davis, Clint chuckled.

“One thing was, with Korn, with my little stint with them, was, I thought they were this huge machine of a band, right?” he said. “Korn’s one of the godfathers of this whole movement. I got pulled into play some guitar for them. And I was just mesmerized by the chaos of it all, of just putting the stuff up — Where’s everybody at? No one’s communicating. This isn’t working, this is broken. And then, all of a sudden, the intro started going, and it all just…came together! Crazy energy. I was like, Wow, man, I thought this was way more professional!

“Since then, they’ve gotten a lot better,” Clint adds. “Their shows are huge, these big productions they’re running these days…but I thought it was a cool thing! I was like, Man, this is so punk rock, man, they just show up and just casually walk onstage and throw down!


Words by Chris Krovatin