King Diamond’s ‘Abigail’ Is Being Adapted Into a Graphic Novel

Cecil, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Since his time as the frontman of black metal progenitors Mercyful Fate, singer King Diamond has been a master storyteller. While so many other bands sing about being pissed off or a drawing of the Devil they once saw, the King’s albums paint lush, epic narratives filled with ghosts, demons, black magic, and hapless mortals trying to escape these things. So it’s pretty awesome to learn that one of King Diamond’s most beloved solo albums, 1987’s Abigail, is being adapted into a graphic novel.

Rock comics publisher Z2 Comics, the company behind Dio’s Holy Diver graphic novel, have gotten White Noise Studios writer Dan Watters and October Faction artist Damien Worm to co-create the comic with King Diamond himself. The story is apparently “a chilling new version of the story of Miriam Natias and Jonathan LaFey and an inheritance far more terrifying than even the haunted mansion in which it’s discovered.”

“A graphic novel based on one of my stories is a dream come true for me,” says His Satanic Majesty. “Working with a company like Z2 and the writer Dan Watters, and the graphic artist Damien Worm, is making this project the highest class one could wish for. Not just our own fans, but any fan of the horror genre, will enjoy the darkness and creepiness of this project. I simply can’t wait to personally be able to present this to you once we get closer to Halloween. Abigail has risen again.”

The graphic novel will be released in various editions, including softcover, hardcover, one that comes with a limited-edition picture disc featuring the books’ cover art, and even one which comes with a King Diamond Halloween mask. Check it out:

King Diamond’s Abigail graphic novel is available for preorder via Z2 Comics, and will ship out in October — just in time for Halloween.


Words by Chris Krovatin