Here’s a Metal Remix of a Pig-Calling Competition

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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As the deathcore genre blew up, a huge sticking point for a lot of metalheads was ‘pig squeal’ singing — those nasally-shrieked vocals that sounded a lot of like a hog getting an old fashioned (for those of you who haven’t heard the term, think of those ‘REEE REEE REEE’ vocals you hear in a lot of deathcore and brutal death metal songs). But what these detractors didn’t realize is that people who do actual pig squeals — as in, squeals with which to summon pigs back to their pen — are more bizarre and unhinged than any metal singer. Case in point, one YouTuber has done a metal remix of a pig-calling competition, and man, it’s pretty intense.

You might remember YouTuber Andre Antunes as the guy who did a metal version of Trump’s ‘faith adviser’ Paula White’s re-election rant, in which she began gibbering about angels coming from Africa to smite those who didn’t vote for Donny Tangerine (or whatever it was Paula was upset about). Now, he turns his sights on a pig-calling competition, and while the Paula White remix was good, this one’s golden. Especially amazing is how totally insane some of these pig-callers sound, throwing their entire bodies and hearts into the process of shrieking for pigs to come back home. It’s a pretty spectacular piece of content that makes you wonder if maybe you should catch a pig-calling contest sometime.

Force Charlotte to leave a four-letter word in her web with the following video:


Words by Chris Krovatin