Fear Factory Tease “Unknown” New Vocalist, Static-X’s Tony Campos Rejoins The Band

Alexey Komarov, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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The new Fear Factory album has had one hell of a road leading up to it. Last September, the band announced that it had new material in the works, with a GoFundMe campaign launched to fund it. Fans were even given a first taste of new material later that month — just days before vocalist Burton C. Bell officially quit the band, citing “dishonest representations and unfounded accusations.” Now, guitarist Dino Cazares has tweeted a photo of the band as is, revealing that Static-X‘s Tony Campos will be performing in the current line-up, and has also teased who their new singer will be.

On Sunday, April 4th, Cazares tweeted a picture of Fear Factory as is, featuring himself, Campos, and drummer Mike Heller, with the caption, “Here is the band photo as of now till we add the new singer.”

Dino also tweeted a preview of some of the band’s new material, saying that a first single from the upcoming new incarnation of Fear Factory would be released on April 16th. The riff sounds ultra-deathy, so fans should be ready for an extreme side of the band this time around:

Dino then went on to deny a bunch of fan theories/requests for Fear Factory’s next vocalist, announcing that it’s not Howard Jones, it’s not Tommy Vext (“I hear he’s doing a Retrumplican solo tour in Texas w/ his band members wearing masks on stage so the focus is only on him,” wrote Dino), and it’s not Jeannie Ford from Conflict. In fact, according to one of the responses Dino left for a fan who suggested Jones, the singer might be someone we’ve never heard before:

Keep your eyes peeled for more info about Fear Factory’s new vocalist in the near future. Meanwhile, last year marked the 25th anniversary of Demanufacture, for which Dino sat down with The Pit to discuss the album’s process and legacy. Check out our one-on-one with the guitarist here:


Words by Chris Krovatin