Fear Factory Release Grinding New Single “Disruptor,” with Burton C. Bell on Vocals

Alexey Komarov, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Last week, industrial metal legends Fear Factory teased the release of the first single from their upcoming new album Aggression Continuum. Now, the band have dropped the track, “Disruptor,” which can be heard below.

From the outset, “Disruptor” definitely shows off how heavy Fear Factory are going this time around. Though lined with industrial flourishes and atmospheric elements at times, the song is straight-up groovy death metal at parts, with Dino Cazares’ riffs going as low and misanthropic as they ever have and drummer Mike Heller really giving it his all.

Some listeners might be wondering why the band’s new vocalist, who Dino teased as an unknown newcomer, sounds so much like recently-departed member Burton C. Bell — and that’s because it is Bell. Apparently, Dino used Burton’s vocal tracks for the song.

Check out “Disruptor” below:

Fear Factory’s new album, Aggression Continuum, comes out June 18th from Nuclear Blast. Check out the full tracklisting and cover art below:

  1. Recode
  2. Disruptor
  3. Aggression Continuum
  4. Purity
  5. Fuel Injected Suicide Machine
  6. Collapse
  7. Manufactured Hope
  8. Cognitive Dissonance
  9. Monolith
  10. End Of Line

Whether or not “Disruptor” signals that Burton’s vocals will be on the whole album, or whether Dino just wanted to get the track out and will be using their new singer on the other songs, remains to be seen. Back in September, the singer publicly quit the band, writing in a statement, “It is after considerable, contemplative soul searching that I have come to the realization that I cannot align myself with someone whom I do not trust, nor respect. Therefore, I am announcing to my fans my departure from Fear Factory, to focus all my energy and attention toward the continuing success for Ascension of The Watchers, and all my future endeavors.”

Meanwhile, last year marked the 25th anniversary of Demanufacture, for which Dino sat down with The Pit to discuss the album’s process and legacy. Check out our one-on-one with the guitarist here:


Words by Chris Krovatin