Did These Dudes Just Convince Lil Nas X to Make a Metal Remix of “Montero?”

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While Cardi B made a zillion pearl-clutchers outraged last year with her banging anthem “WAP,” this year sees the starched world losing their shit over “Montero,” the new track by “Old Town Road” rapper Lil Nas X. While the song hasn’t enraged anyone that much, the video — in which the gay rapper is cast out of Heaven only to give Satan a lap dance before killing him and stealing the throne of Hell — has caused an uproar among the Tucker Carlson crowd for corrupting the youth of America with homosexuality and satanism (or whatever these tender fuckfaces believe). Now, a couple of TikTokers have urged Lil Nas X to make a metal version of “Montero” — and it looks like he’s down!

It started when TikTokers Ricky Jabarin and Sage Weeber posted videos of them performing a heavy version of “Montero” and tagging Lil Nas X in their posts. Bit by bit, the public outpouring to these was such that Jabarin had to post a follow-up video about whether or not he’d be creating a full metal version of “Montero.”

@rickyjabwho thinks @lilnasx & i should jam in hell together 🤘🏽 ##lilnasx ##montero ##punkgoespop ##metal

♬ MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) – Lil Nas X

The whole thing came to a head when Lil Nas X himself reposted the video of Weeber performing drums to “Montero,” and then called upon faceless YouTube star Corpse Husband to collaborate with him on a heavy remix of Montero. As Jabarin wrote in an update, transcribed by Loudwire, “Whether that’s serious or not, I have no idea — but if it’s for real, we would love to be involved. So Lil Nas X, let us know if we can work together to make a metal remix.”


It remains to be seen whether or not “Montero” will get the full metal treatment, but for the record, Lil Nas X, we salute you, and would love to see your square-scandalizing track become a full-blown metal song.

For those of you haven’t seen “Montero” yet, watch the video below:


Words by Chris Krovatin