Cannibal Corpse’s New Music Video Is A Terrifying Splatterfest

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Last week saw death metal icons Cannibal Corpse release their latest full-length album, Violence Unimagined. The first single from that record, “Inhumane Harvest,” inspired an ominous music video that showcased the sickest aspects of humanity. Now, the band have put out another video, this one for the track “Necrogenic Resurrection,” and this one’s just a straight-up gorefest.

As you’ve probably already guessed, Cannibal Corpse’s new video opens with the brutal stabbing of a priest. From there, the high-production rampage takes viewers to a memorial of sorts that quickly becomes an unholy zombie blood ritual. Once everyone’s disemboweled, a final victim is left running for his life…but fate has other plans for him. It’s everything you want from a video by death metal’s most gore-obsessed band, so big props to director David Brodsky for doing something fun with this one.

Check out “Necrogenic Resurrection” below:

Anyone who’s seen the uncensored cover art for Violence Unimagined know that Cannibal Corpse don’t shy away from the repulsive. When drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz took a moment to rank the band’s album covers by how disgusting they are, even he admitted that the cover was a return to foul form for the horror veterans.

“We felt like it was time again,” explained Paul. “Especially with having Erik [Rutan, newly-joined guitarist and frontman of brutal death metallers Hate Eternal]. The last couple have been great albums — we’re proud of all our covers, of course, Vince does a great job and we’ve always gotta approve them and sign off. But this time around, I myself thought, and I think the other guys as well, that it was time to get really, really brutal here. Especially with a title like Violence Unimagined — with a title like that, it’s gotta be something pretty shocking. That was important.”

Cannibal Corpse’s Violence Unimagined is out now on Metal Blade Records.


Words by Chris Krovatin