Anthrax Releasing a 3″ Turntable for Record Store Day

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If we’re being honest, buying records on vinyl is as much about the collecting as it is about the music. Sure, a lot of classic metal albums sound better on wax than they do digitally or on a CD, but if we’re shelling out $20 or more for an album that takes up one foot squared, it better come on colored vinyl with a rad-ass gatefold or limited-edition patch. Now, thrash legends Anthrax have decided to create an awesome new collectible for Record Store Day in the form of a 3″ turntable.

In honor of every music nerd’s favorite holiday, Anthrax will release a limited-edition, custom mini-turntable, along with a four, three-inch vinyl disc bundle (sold separately). The tiny records will include singles of classic Anthrax tracks “Madhouse,” “I Am The Law,” “Got The Time,” and “Discharge.”

“Taking inspiration from the 3” turntable creation in Japan, the band’s Charlie Benante, who oversees all of Anthrax”s artwork, orchestrated creating the minis’ cover art in the style of the 7″ record covers he collected from Iron Maiden and KISS,” says the product’s press release. “One-thousand of the turntables and 1000 of the vinyl bundles will be exclusively available via RSD. ”

But that’s not all — one of the turntables will include a Golden Ticket, which will get the buyer an exclusive Zoom call with frontman Joey Belladonna and bassist Frank Bello.

“I’m really happy about being part of this,” said Belladonna.  “I love being able to reach out and connect with our fans, so being a ‘first prize’ in this contest and having the opportunity to have a real conversation with one of our fans is really terrific.”

“I love the idea of the golden ticket,” says Bello, “it’s a cool ‘Willy Wonka’ moment, and it’ll be fun to just shoot the sh*t with one of our fans.”

Anthrax’s turntable will have two drop dates, June 12 and July 17.


Words by Chris Krovatin