A Day to Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon: “I Literally Eat Three Tank Tops a Day”

Photo by Jimmy Fontaine
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With their buoyant mixture of hardcore, pop-punk, and mainstream rock, A Day to Remember have become one of music’s unlikeliest success stories. For years, fans have wondered what it is about the band that has made them such a unique part of rock culture. Now, frontman Jeremy McKinnon has revealed the secret to the band’s success: his personal diet, which consists of at least three tank tops a day.

“It was during our first tour that I learned that I have a unique digestive condition, where neon-colored tank tops increase my energy and ability to sing,” explained Jeremy in an intimate chat with webseries Flaming Snafu. “I was having this terrible dream where my dog was making me eat all this eggplant parmigiana at gunpoint, and when I woke up, I had accidentally eaten half of a highlighter-yellow tank top someone had left on our tour bus. That night, I played the greatest show of my career.”

Jeremy makes it clear that the more a tank top looks like something one would wear to a Cabo spring break party, the more it enhances his musical abilities. “I mean, any tank top will do if we’re, like, playing in Montana and our options aren’t great, but the best ones are the full-on bro tank tops. Like, neon orange, pre-cut, with a phrase on them like, ‘I’M HERE TO SLAP ASSES’ — three of those and I can wow a crowd of thousands.”

Early on, Jeremy’s bandmates were freaked out by this new habit, but apparently they’ve since come to embrace it.

“Is it weird to watch our lead singer wolf down three helpings of what I normally wear to Miami? Yeah,” says A Day to Remember guitarist Neil Westfall. “But given how hard Jeremy killed it on this year’s You’re Welcome, I have to support him in it. I mean, he was basically chugging pink tanks during the recording process.”

When asked if sleeveless T-shirts worked as well, McKinnon snickered and said, “Sometimes, but I start sounding a little like Tom Araya. It’s weird.”


Words by Hank Callsy