You Can Now Buy Corpsepaint Sheet Masks

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Black metal may add a layer of rusted steel over your pitch-pumping heart, but it’s hell on your skin. Between the close proximity to torches, the harsh winter winds of Scandinavia, the constant influx of bad food on tour, and of course the pore-clogging greasepaint one needs to look like a warrior in night’s legion, the average black metaller has to work hard to maintain the babyfaced good looks that live beneath their permanent scowl. Now, one company in Fin land has the answer to this important cultural issue: corpsepaint sheet masks.

The Finnish brand Kaamos Cosmetics has launched a crowdfunding campaign to develop and sell a line of rejuvenating sheet masks featuring corpsepaint designs. So far, they have two different designs available, a more hardlined King Dimaond-ish pattern and a whispy, Nattefrost-ish layout. While the project is apparently still a little green to incorporate multiple different layouts — after all, an Abbath mask is very different from, say, a Ravn mask — they still do a solid job of making their sheet masks look appropriately kvlt.

“Kaamos Cosmetics is a new natural skincare brand from Finland, bringing metal culture to self care,” reads the campaign’s promotional copy. “Their first products, Corpse Paint Mask Packs, are now launched through a pre-sale campaign. The masks are available for pre-order with exclusive campaign prices for a limited time, as the crowdfunding campaign period is March 19th – April 18th 2021.”

The masks are now available for preorder in packs of up to a dozen at a time. While we can’t say for sure that we will be wearing said sheet masks — our skin has long since gone to the deepest ring of the abyss — we hope that enough people will fund the project that they’ll be able to license masks from each artist in our list of the best corpsepaint designs of all time.


Words by Chris Krovatin