Watch: Schoolteacher Rewrites the Alphabet Song In The Style of Korn

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Whitney Houston once sang that children are our future, but Jonathan Davis once said, “BRRRRATUUUR NANA!” Perhaps that’s why a generation of young listeners felt more in touch with Korn than with Whitney — the band’s raw power and sonic intensity, which incite the kind of craziness and energy that live in young people before life beats ’em down with a mortgage and a bad back. That’s why it’s exciting to see this new viral video in which a schoolteacher rewrites the Alphabet Song in the style of Korn.

As you’ll see in the video below, teacher Nick Harrison has decided that the usual Alphabet Song just isn’t enough to engage his students. Instead, he needs to shout those letters out to his students while throttling himself at the waist and giving the alphabet a new level of fury. It’s never enough to scare the kids watching — honestly, they might not even fully get the Korn reference — but it’s just enough to make the Alphabet Song a little less of a sunny-colored see-saw, which is the kind of thing kids can get real tired of real fast.

Check out Nick’s rendition below:

We weren’t the only people to think Nick’s nu-metallization of the Alphabet Song was rad. Jonathan Davis himself reposted the song, much to Nick’s excitement.

“I should be in bed right now, I should be sleeping — I mean, I am a teacher. But when Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn, of course, posts your video to his Instagram story — I can’t even talk, man! Thank you guys so much, you’re awesome!”

@mrprofessor318Thank you @korn and Jonathan Davis for being FREAKIN’ AMAZING! And thank you to my followers, who will always #BeGreat!♬ Alphabet Undone by mrprofessor318 – Nick Harrison

Whether or not will rewrite “Frère Jacques” in the style of Cannibal Corpse remains to be seen.


Words by Chris Krovatin