This Static-X/Salt-N-Pepa Mash-Up Makes Us Want to “Push It”

Shadowgate, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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There are only so many song titles out there in the world, and sometimes, two songs with the same name can have extremely different messages, atmospheres…man, everything. Case in point, The Pit’s average reader might be a little better acquainted with Static-X’s ‘evil disco’ track “Push It,” seemingly about pushing one’s self to the limit, than they are with ‘90s hip-hop duo Salt-N-Pepa’s track “Push It,” which is about banging. But while these tracks might be as different as night and day, one YouTuber has decided to combine them under their shared title, and man, it actually works surprisingly well.

Some listeners might notice that this mash-up doesn’t always feel equal in its division — there’s perhaps a bit more Static-X here and there is Salt-N-Pepa (they can‘t all be the Megadeth/Jackson 5 mash-up). But what the video does to a decent degree is show off how well Salt-N-Pepa’s hip-thrusting would go alongside Wayne Static having himself a shrieking fit. While the combination of the songs is all right, the mash-up of their videos is where this one really shines, resulting in footage that viewers will find it hard to look away from.

Check out the ultimate “Push It” below:

While this mash-up may be a little novel and hilarious to your average metalhead, it’s worth noting that Static-X guitarist Tony Campos isn’t exactly a metal purist. Back in 2019, Tony spoke with The Pit and revealed some his favorite tracks that might surprise fans — including Duran Duran’s steamy ‘80s sex ballad “Save A Prayer.”

”Thanks to my older sister, I listened to — forced to, really — a lot of stuff that I would’ve at the time rather not have heard,” admits Tony. “Didn’t really appreciate the band, and John Taylor’s bass playing, until much later. This is probably my favorite JT bass line”


Words by Chris Krovatin