This Megadeth/Jackson 5 Mash-Up Is Surprisingly Great

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A good mash-up will always bring a smile to a music fan’s face. Whether it’s a combination of the ’90s two most hated subgenres or an unexpected merging of ’80s pop and timeless thrash metal, hearing two very different artists’ songs crashed together can reinvigorate your love of either’s song. Case in point, someone has mashed up Megadeth‘s “Sweating Bullets” with the Jackson 5’s “Rockin’ Robin,” and wow, it works pretty well.

Part of the beauty of this mash-up is that it shows how goofy Dave Mustaine sometimes looks in both the video for and during performances of “Sweating Bullets” — the track is part of the ’90’s emphasis on kuh-raziness in metal, and so Dave does a lot of twirling his finger by his head and showing everyone how sweaty his palms are. But what really takes center stage here is the chorus, which, with the help of a little creative musicianship, sounds perfectly matched to the rhythm of “Rockin’ Robin.”

Check out “Sweating Robins” below:

Megadeth have a new album on the way, though when it’ll land hasn’t been determined — in fact, according to a recent interview with bassist David Ellefson, the band might push the whole thing about until after the pandemic.

“We’re working on album number sixteen, and just finishing it up now,” said Dave in an interview with TotalRock Radio, as transcribed by MetalSucks. “We’ve got a big year of touring lined up — festivals in Europe; the big ‘The Metal Tour Of The Year’ is rescheduled for July and August this year; Rock In Rio in Brazil in September. And it’s all confirmed, but it depends on what — COVID has a say in this matter, unfortunately. So there’s this undecided third factor spinning over there with the pandemic that we’re just all doing the best we can to play around that. And the same with the Megadeth release schedule, being able to put things out…”


Words by Chris Krovatin