This Dethklok-Inspired Cover of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” Will Make You a Friend of Dorothy

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In retrospect, The Wizard of Oz is metal as hell. There are witches all over the place, a scene where everyone gets high as shit in a field of poppies, a dude made of actual metal, and, if rumors are to be believed, a Munchkin committing suicide somewhere in the background of one shot. Now, one animator has decided to make this unintentional coupling official by creating his own Dethklok-inspired version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

The short clip comes from animator Tyler March, who created the video as a submission for Instagram’s infamous Lifeform Drawing Club under the prompt ‘Technicolor.’ As you’ll see below, Dorothy’s band are going full Mordhaus here, from her shoulder-width stance to the Cowardly Lion’s Murderface pose to the unspeakable violence that closes out the sequence. But if we’re being honest, the thing that really drives home this video is Toto windmilling the hair in front of his eyes. You go, Toto. You’re fucking brutal.

Get ripped out of Kansas and thrust into Weed World below:

Some of you might already be familiar with Tyler’s animation work — specifically, he’s the guy who created the video in which Kermit the Frog sings Slipknot’s “Duality.” If you haven’t already seen it, it’s, well, pretty much what you expect. Meaning it’s perfect, but ludicrous.

Check it out below:

Though on an extended hiatus, Dethklok made their triumphant return at 2019’s Adult Swim Festival. Despite the long hiatus and the group’s new members, the band’s 19-song set — which was livestreamed on Adult Swim’s website, following an all-day Metalocalypse marathon — was a smash success, complete with the premiere of some new backing animation, a new voiceover courtesy of Mark Hamill and the never-before-played-live cuts “Impeach God” and “Comet Song.” See the full set list (via and fan-shot video below. No word on whether the performance signals a possible return of Metalocalypse to Adult Swim — the network cancelled the show in 2015. The show’s last hurrah was the one-hour rock opera special Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem, which aired on October 27th, 2013.

Check it out below:


Words by Chris Krovatin