Read: Chester Bennington’s Widow Posts Touching Birthday Tribute

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This past Saturday would’ve been Chester Bennington’s 45th birthday. The Linkin Park singer lost his life to suicide and mental illness in 2017, leaving behind a legion of fans, an incredible musical legacy, six children, and his wife Talinda. Now, Talinda has posted a birthday tribute to the fallen vocalist, and man, it just rips your heart out.

“Happy Birthday,” wrote Talinda in a tweet featuring footage of Chester dancing to Psy’s “Gagnam Style. “You would have been 45 and yes, Tyler would have you doing this dance again!This life without you never gets easier or less painful. We miss you dearly. We will celebrate you in so many ways today.Tyler teaching the girls and I this dance will be just one.”

While it’s hard to imagine anyone replacing Bennington as the singer of Linkin Park, the topic was undoubtedly explored after the frontman’s death in 2017 — after all, Linkin Park were a huge draw, and the end their career so suddenly probably seemed foolhardy to their fans and the people around them. However, back in February of 2019, the band’s own Mike Shinoda made it very clear that finding someone to replace Chester wasn’t a priority for Linkin Park, who were still reeling from the singer’s loss.

That’s not my goal right now,” he said when asked about the possibility of Linkin Park trying out a new singer. “I think it has to happen naturally and if we find somebody that’s like, a great person that we think is a good personality fit and a good style fit, then I could see trying to do some stuff with somebody. … Not for the sake of like, replacing – I wouldn’t want to ever feel like we were replacing Chester.”

Everyone at The Pit wishes all of Linkin Park and Chester’s family, friends, and fans the very best on what is likely a difficult anniversary.


Words by Chris Krovatin