Read Bam Margera’s Tribute to Children of Bodom’s Alexi Laiho

Alexi Laiho by Terhi Ylimäinen]. Bam Margera by Nikki Margera, via Wikipedia.
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2021 kicked off on an especially sad note for many metalheads, when it was revealed that Alexi Laiho, frontman of Finnish metal act Children of Bodom, had passed away of what was later revealed to be liver failure. While many of Alexi’s fans and peers paid tribute to him then, one person who apparently didn’t hear the news was Jackass star Bam Margera, who only recently posted a tribute to Laiho in a new Instagram post.

“Forgive me I have been living in a cave,” said Bam in the caption to his post. “One of my very good friends and known as the best guitar player in metal ALEXI LEAHO of children of bodom from Finland has passed away and because Elliot Sloan and I started talking about music and how a band IN FLAMES rehearsed In his studio. From there we went down the rabbit hole, AT THE GATES, best metal album ever AMORPHIS “tales from the thousand lakes” HANK VON HELVETE (New Album) amazing!

“Then it led to my favorite, Chris coles favorite”CHILDREN OF BODOM and that’s where Elliot told me the tragic news. Although I am the late to know I spent the evening in tears. JUSSI69 has a forever reserved table at “the RIFF” bar in south HELSINKI Finland to never forget the best guitar battle with Alexi and a young gun ARCHIE CRUZ of “Santa Cruz” Finland’s newest hit Rock band! Well RIP to alexi, I never forget the BEST

”Espoo! Koksi esourr Karhu! Ville valo Sekkala ANDY wammy bar McCoy fissu”


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Margera isn’t the only person to pay tribute to Alexi in great style. When discussing how Children of Bodom did opening for his band, Slayer guitarist Kerry King made it clear that Laiho was a young musician he admired greatly.

“They went down okay; I’ve seen people go out there and just fail miserably,” said Kerry in an interview. “Their setlist was on the heavier side, which is a smart thing to do when you’re opening for us. I was up there almost every night watching them. They’re fun to watch play and Alexi was a guitar god.”

Everyone at The Pit wishes all the best to Alexi’s friends, family, fans and collaborators during this difficult time.