Overkill: This Rare Six-Neck Guitar Is Up for Auction

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In the ’80s, the double-neck guitar became a novelty item rocked by some of heavy music’s flashier virtuosos. While it was generally accepted that only Yngwie Malmsteen and Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen had any business playing one, the excess of the era made multi-neck guitars seem like a flashy accessory. That said, our founding fathers in metal could’ve never imagined a six-neck guitar — one of which, it turns out, is currently up for auction.

As reported by Metal Injection, the guitar is going up for auction via Gardiner Houlgate. Bidding starts March 1oth at £1500 (less than $300 per neck!).

Hutchins ‘The Beast’ six-neck electric guitar, says the item’s description, comprising a twelve string guitar, a six string guitar with tremolo, a five string bass, a four string bass, a seven string guitar with tremolo and a six string hardtail guitar; Finish: metallic red, some minor marks; Fingerboards: rosewood; Frets: good; Electrics: working; Hardware: good; Case: original gig bag; Weight: 16.97kg; Overall condition: good. In the words of creator Gary Hutchins this is ‘The guitar that should never have been made’. Inspired by Cheap Tricks Rick Nielsen using a five-neck guitar, Gary Hutchins thought he would go one further. ‘The Beast was born, creating a buzz and has been seen on stages all over the world with Bill Bailey, Spinal Tap and Prince Charles, with appearances at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Museum of Comedy in London. This example is one of only a few made.

Take a look at this monstrosity and wonder how well you could even play one of these necks below:

You can bid on this crime against God and nature via Gardiner Houlgate’s site. If this is just too much neck for a dainty little thing like yourself, you can also check out the other guitars they have on auction at their site.


Words by Chris Krovatin