New Metal Out Today: 3/19

New metal releases
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It’s Friday, which means two things: giving the week the finger and new music! Tune in every Friday for The Pit’s round-up of new releases, from singalong hard rock to pus-drenched underground death metal. Keep those ears bleeding!

Reaper, The Atonality of Flesh (Iron Bonehead)

For fans of: Toxic Holocaust, Rebel Wizard, Bonehunter

Standout track: “Raid the Heavens”

If you love first-wave black metal but wish it took one further step left, then Sweden’s Reaper are the band for you. The band’s ripping satanic speed metal is undoubtedly made in tribute to acts like Bathory and Dark Angel, but has an extra dose of introspective distortion and wail to it, honoring those artists with both traditional riffs and modern old-school fuzz. All of which is a long way of saying that these guys absolutely rule, and will have thrash fans holding up the claws in no time. Get reaped!

Serj Tankian, Elasticity EP (Alchemy Recordings)

For fans of: System of a Down

Standout track: “Your Mom”

If you’re listening to Serj Tankian’s Elasticity EP, you probably know what you’re in for. And it’s here — the tracks on Elasticity are bounding, aggressive tracks pieces of social commentary that sound like they’re sung by a cartoon character. The latter part is actually where Tankian shines, giving himself entirely over to his bizarre vocal style. An interesting piece of music whose melancholy and intensity make us dream of a new SOAD record.

Show Me The Body, Survive EP (Loma Vista)

For fans of: Rollins Band, Lightning Bolt, Cro-Mags

Standout track: “Rubberband”

It’s heavy, Jim, but not as we know it. To call New York’s Show Me The Body ‘hardcore’ might confuse fans of, say, Sworn Enemy, but that’s the best definition we can come up with for this percussive, muscle-rending sound. With electronic fuzz laid over concrete bass, agitated guitars, drums heavier than hell and powerful shouts, Show Me The Body bring the same impact that old-school acts like Black Flag and Fugazi did. A funky, weird record that’ll make you slap the table or steering wheel.

Crypts, Coven of the Dead (This Charming Man Records)

For fans of: Vader, Deicide, Krisiun

Standout track: “Deathking Coronation”

There’s no line-blurring with Crypts, no genre-straddling or mind-bending — this is death metal, mid-paced and misanthropic and churning like an ocean of lava. Coven of the Dead has everything a death metal fan could want, from its surging riffs to the occasional lacerating solo to guttural gang vocals throughout. It’s true you won’t find a ton of nuance or adventure here, but if you’re down for the pure stuff, then come on over, the water’s poisonous.

Other crushers:

  • Dvne, Etemen Aenka (Metal Blade)
  • Depths of Hatred, Inheritance (Prosthetic)
  • Saxon, Inspirations (Silver Lining)


Words by Chris Krovatin