Lemmy Would Approve: Metal Worker Turns Hammer Into Iron Fist

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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At the end of the day, there’s nothing more metal than working with actual metal. If you’re melting, smelting, forging our pouring molten metal, you have a level of scene cred greater than any heavily-tattooed concert promoter. But now, one Internet metalist might have created the most metal item imaginable, having turned the head of a hammer into a literal iron fist.

As you’ll see in the video (originally reported on by Laughing Squid), YouTuber Dirk The Metalist looked at a hammer with which he wanted to drive a nail, and thought, Nah, this isn’t enough. In a blast of grinding, soldering, and polishing, Dirk quickly turned that ordinary metal hammer head into a model of his own fist with which to drive that nail. The result is both an interesting carpentry tool and, if we’re being honest, the ultimate ass-beating weapon — a hammer you can punch someone with. The cover of Vulgar Display of Power would’ve involved a lot more cracked teeth had this thing been involved.

Watch Dirk bring the hammer down below:

God, how can you own this hammer and not just swing it around while listening to Motörhead’s “Iron Fist” all the time?

You can keep up with Dirk’s metal work via his Instagram.

While Dirk’s hammer is pretty incredible, another YouTuber’s saw-blade bicycle might have it beat in terms of the most metal item ever created at home. A solid amount of engineering and hard work goes into the process — and, as you’ll find out, the straight-up saw blades don’t work the first time. That said, it’s not about the destination so much as the journey, and the chance for your neighbors to see you come walking out of your house with two huge saw blades like you’re getting read to be the villain in a Herschell Gordon Lewis movie.

Take a look at the gore bike below:


Words by Chris Krovatin