Lamb of God Release Trailer for New Concert Film ‘Lamb of God: Live in Richmond, VA’

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Though not necessarily a city one usually associates with metal as a whole, Richmond, Virginia, has a rich history of loud, in-your-face bands. You’ve got the alien perverts of GWAR, you’ve got the high-energy thrashers in Municipal Waste, and, of course, you have the snarling death-groovers of Lamb of God. Now, the latter band are honoring their hometown with a concert video of their at-home performance, for which they’ve released the first trailer.

The concert film is the pro-shot performance that the band livestreamed back in September, for which they played their new self-titled record in its entirety. Also included are encore performances of tracks like “Ruin,” “Contractor,” “512,” and “The Death of Us.”

“We didn’t see a global pandemic coming — nobody did,” says guitarist Mark Morton in the opening of the trailer, “and clearly it changed the way we rolled out the album. I hate that it’s happening, I hate that people are getting sick and it’s impacting people’s lives. In terms of how it affects our career, and how we roll out music, I think that’s just such a small consequence compared to the bigger picture. I think there’s going to be a time when we get back on the road and are performing in a more traditional sense, but for right now, this is pretty cool.”

Check out the trailer below:

Lamb of God’s Live in Richmond, VA drops March 26th, the same day that the deluxe edition of their self-titled album will be released, and is available for preorder.

“This album, and in particular, this deluxe edition is something I’m incredibly proud of,” says guitarist and coffee fanatic Willie Adler of the new edition of Lamb of God. “Throughout the process of writing, recording, and the subsequent filming of the live stream, I knew we were creating much more than a collection of songs. Much more than a simple streamed performance. This was focused energy. Energy that, to me, is very tangible. And now, more than ever, in an era where human interaction is so limited, art… it music, visual, or otherwise, is a human connection point. And we need as much of that as possible! I hope everyone enjoys this deluxe edition as much as we enjoyed creating it. Thank you.”


Words by Chris Krovatin