Here’s Mike Patton Singing the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Theme

Mike Patton by Jan Frode Haugseth, via Wikipedia.
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If you were a kid during the ’80s or ’90s, you probably spent a shitload of time at video arcades. And if you did that, there are a handful of scrolling beat-em-up games that you’ll forever love — The Simpsons, Sunset RidersX-Men (do the Colossus yell — do it, right now), and of course, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (and, if you were lucky, Turtles In Time). Now, decades after us old fogies pumped countless quarters into these mind-coffins, there’s a reboot of the classic Turtles arcade game on the way — and to redo the theme song, they got none other than Faith No More/Mr. Bungle singer Mike Patton.

Unfortunately, before you ask, no, Mike never goes full frantic scream in his rendition of the TMNT theme, and there’s never a moment where he talks about Donatello’s “bologna.” Purists will also note that his vocal rhythms, though pretty standard, have some glaring deviations from the original theme (c’mon, Mike, it’s “Michael-AN-gelo is a party dude,” get with the fucking program — and no “COWABUNGA?” Jesus, man). That said, the fact that we even got to write this headline is pretty spectacular, so we’ll have to give it to Mike for a job well done.

“Working on TMNT was pure pleasure,” said Patton, probably chuckling that he had to offer a quote about this. “I channeled my inner ninja spirit to deliver a track worthy of my half-shell brothers! it was an honor to serve them…and finally I made some music my nieces can enjoy!”

Listen to Mike Patton singing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme below:

The revamped Ninja Turtles arcade game, Shredder’s Revenge, will be available for PC and consoles, so throw on some high-tops, get an extra-gooey pizza, and do a bong rip with Mondo Gecko.


Words by Chris Krovatin