GWAR Announce New Picture-Disc EP, Release Acoustic Cover of “F*ck This Place”

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It seems that 2021 has marked a significant ramping up of GWAR‘s plans for global domination. Earlier this month, the Antarctican pervert overlords revealed their new line of CBD products. Now, the band have announced that they’ll be releasing a picture-disc EP full of acoustic tracks, and have dropped the first one to boot.

GWAR’s new EP will be a 12″ picture disc called The Disc With No Name, and will host acoustic covers of some of GWAR’s most face-pulverizing tracks. The art on the CD is pure GWAR, featuring grotesque depictions of all your favorite Jizzmoglobin-gargling alien pals. The first single is an acoustic cover of the track “Fuck This Place” off of 2017’s The Blood of Gods, which takes a twanging old-western vibe to the misanthropic track about ending the world after fucking apes and accidentally birthing the crapfest that is humanity.

“During the quarantine of 2020 I spent long, lonely days with my hand down my pants, hiding out in a fortress made entirely of rolls of toilet paper, drinking hand sanitizer and watching ‘1000-Lb Sisters’… which is business as usual for me,” clarifies GWAR frontman Blöthar the Berserker, who paused between sentences to wipe a booger on our correspondent’s face. “So I was relieved when I got the call to lay down some vocals on The Disc With No Name. We recorded this record over the telephone, which was fine with me, because I can’t stand to be in the same room as the other members of GWAR.”

Listen to the soothing acoustic tones of “Fuck This Place” below:

GWAR’s The Disc With No Name comes out May 28th on Pit Records, and is available for preorder. Check out the full tracklisting and the disc art below:

Side A:

1. Fuck This Place
2. Gonna Kill You

Side B:

1. I’ll Be Your Monster
2. The Road Behind


Words by Chris Krovatin