Exclusive Premiere: Intoxicated’s New Video Is Old-School Death Metal Perfection

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The second life of Florida’s Intoxicated has been a fucking rad one. The band’s legacy stretches back to the ’90s, as Florida’s death metal scene was mutating out of the thrash genre; the band featured Obituary’s Donald Tardy for a handful of years, and their debut EP Drain was produced by none other than Death’s Chuck Schuldiner. After a few years in which vocalist/guitarist Erik Payne and bassist Greg Roberts played with Andrew W.K.’s live band, Intoxicated finally returned last year with a new EP Walled. Now, the band have dropped a video for their single “Legacy’s Demise,” and goddamn if it doesn’t take things in an extreme direction.

Where Walled tapped into everything we love about early thrash metal, “Legacy’s Demise” is old-school death metal at its most classic and exciting. The double bass rolls tirelessly, the roared vocals move perfectly with the grinding-yet-catchy central riffs, and the lyrics offer light social commentary with a heap of broad contempt. The video, meanwhile, is a well-produced chunk of performance footage, using just the right amount of lyric cards and close-ups. This is the kind of song and video we would’ve lost our shit to on MTV in the ’90s; that they’re still being made in 2021 is living proof that no matter how much shit changes in the music world, true extreme metal will never die.

“‘Legacy’s Demise’ was written for the thoughtless,” say the band, “the most absolute narcissistic, selfish and self-absorbed type of scum. It’s a trait that will poison any ‘circle’ and once it truly reveals itself, there can be zero tolerance.”

Check out our exclusive premiere of Intoxicated’s “Legacy’s Demise” video below:

To coincide with this premiere, Intoxicated’s Walled EP has received a second pressing from Seeing Red Records on colored and splattered vinyl. The album is currently available for preorder.


Words by Chris Krovatin