Body Count Win 2021 Grammy for Best Metal Performance

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Back in November, the 2021 Grammy nominees were announced, among them the bands nominated for Best Metal Performance. Though the awards were later postponed, they finally went down last night, and it looks like the winner of the 2021 Metal Grammy is none other than Ice-T-led hardcore thrash group Body Count.

Body Count won the Best Metal Performance Grammy for their track “Bum Rush” off of last year’s Carnivore, a record that made most major publications’ Best Of 2020 lists (including The Pit’s own list, on which Carnivore landed at a respectable #6 out of the Top 20 Albums of 2020).

The other nominees for the award were:

Code Orange, “Underneath”
In This Moment, “The In-Between”
Poppy, “Bloodmoney”
Power Trip, “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe) – Live”

“That’s what’s up!” shouted Ice-T in his acceptance speech. “You know, we always say Grammys, whatever whatever…aight, look, let’s start by saying shout-out to the members that aren’t here: [late drummer] Beatmaster V, [late bassist] Mooseman, [late rhythm guitarist] D-Roc that started the band like 30 years ago. And then all the new members — Vincent Price, Ill Will, Juan of the Dead, my son Little Ice, Sean E. Sean, and the true member, Ernie C. Then we got to give a shout-out to [renowned producer] Will Putney, who made our band sound like they’ve never sounded before, Century Media for keeping us in the game all these years…we’re still making albums.”

Check out Ice’s full speech below:

Congratulations to Ice-T for this massive Grammy win! It’s good to know that sticking to one’s guns and remaining mercilessly aggressive pays off in the long run, especially when making music that confronts harsh realities like police brutality. If only you could go back in time and wave your award in Dan Quayle’s dumbass face while screaming the lyrics to “Cop Killer.”


Words by Chris Krovatin