Watch The First Trailer for Danzig’s Vampire Spaghetti Western

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Shortly after the release of his instant cult classic Verotika, goth metal bricklayer Glenn Danzig revealed that he was working on a “vampire spaghetti western.” Now, the first trailer for this film, Death Rider in the House of Vampires, has arrived, and man, does it deliver on the promise of its premise.

Premiering exclusively at The Wrap, the trailer for Death Rider in the House of Vampires has pretty much everything B-movie fans want — blood, shoot ’em ups, and Danny Trejo laughing in fangs. What might surprise some viewers is how the first few frames prove that Danzig isn’t entirely schlock-oriented — the shots he gets of the American West at sundown prove that he’s definitely watched his fair share of old westerns, and knows a beautiful image when he sees one. That said, Glenn’s also in the movie as a vampire named Bad Bathory alongside Devon Sawa, Kim Director, Eli Roth, and Julian Sands, so those looking for the next Citizen Kane should maybe skip even writing a review.

Everybody in the movie is a vampire,” said Danzig when first discussing the film. “So, you won’t have to wait around to see the vampire. They’re all fucking vampires!”

Check out the first trailer for Death Rider In The House of Vampires below:

In a recent interview, star Devon Sawa was asked about his role, and admitted that Danzig’s directorial style was not for the weak of stomach. “Listen, Eli Roth came on and he kind of talked me off the ledge a couple times because it’s like doing a movie for the biggest punk rocker in the history of punk rock. He’s Glenn Danzig, and things aren’t normal sometimes in I guess a good way? They were unconventional, that’s for sure. But look, we’ll see, everyone had a great time, it was just very unconventional.

When asked if Sawa had seen Verotika yet, the actor responded, “I hadn’t seen it, I didn’t even know about it. I did this movie in Winnipeg, and it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in a long time, was this movie in Winnipeg. I’m saying, oh my god, I spoke with artists and everybody was there to work, and then I get this script for the Glenn Danzig project and I thought, Glenn Danzig doing a movie. This is going to be amazing, it’ll be all music, and this and that. And it’s a movie about vampires but it’s a spaghetti western and maybe it’s just I worked on SLC Punk and Idle Hands, and I thought this might just be fucking awesome.

“And so I just signed on and a couple of weeks into it I heard about Verotika and I haven’t seen it still but it is what it is. But the nice thing is that he had a great cast this time, and a lot more budget so we’ll see. I think I’ll see Verotika after I see [Death Rider] I don’t want to lose sleep at night for the next 60 days.”

According to IMDBDeath Rider in the House of Vampires comes out later this year, so keep an eye open.


Words by Chris Krovatin