The Sloppy Boys Do Hella Pot Tokes In Video for AC/DC-fied “The Mastah Bong Rippah”

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For those of you who don’t know, The Sloppy Boys are a party rock band made up of members of comedy troupe The Birthday Boys, who once had a pretty hilarious show on IFC. The band have made a name for themselves as being a trio of silly gooses writing songs about high-octane antics involving untanned legs protruding from cargo shorts. This dedication to blaring comedy even landed them a merch partnership with the death metal-oriented Night Shift Merch. Now, the band have released a video for their heaviest track to date, “The Mastah Bong Rippah,” and it’s a celebration of weed stuff only slightly sillier than your average Electric Wizard song.

As you’ll see in the footage below, “The Mastah Bong Rippah” is a tale of magical realism in which two ganja bros discover an unmarked DVD. Inside is the enchanted tale of the Mastah Bong Rippah, a reefer prince of sorts who sashays through the woods burning ones down and singing the praises of the Electric Salad. Also making appearances are Beavis & Butthead, Marley & Marley, and of course, Twerking Marge Simpson. The video is a brilliant tribute to all things hazy and smirking, while the song is, well, basically “Big Balls” by AC/DC.

“The idea came from what Spencer’s Gifts thinks a pot smoker likes,” says singer Mike Hanford. “That whole wonderful world of black light, alien posters that say ‘Take me to your dealer.’ But while we were shooting the king stuff (covid-compliantly) everyone who passed asked if we we’re making a Hamilton video. I guess Broadway is bigger than weed?

“Our buddy John Haskell directed it,” continues Hanford. “Super funny dude. Check his stuff out at Real Big Boys on YouTube. And check out the Sloppy Boys albums and our podcast ‘The Sloppy Boys’ where we make and drink cocktails and get kooky.”

Watch “The Mastah Bong Rippah” below:

The Sloppy Boys’ latest, Paradiso, is available on all streaming platforms. Make sure you check out their podcast for hard drinks and big-ass laffs.


Words by Chris Krovatin