Motörhead Announce New Line of ‘Hempette’ Smokeables

Photo by Estate of Keith Morris/Redferns
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It’s no secret that fans of heavy metal music love a good hit of the Devil’s Broccoli. And among the bands who have always been sympathetic to that need is Motörhead, whose high-octane biker metal has its roots in the herb-choked 1970s. Now, the loudest band on earth have announced that they’re getting into the smokeables game, with the release of their new Ace of Spades 40th Anniversary “hempettes.”

What’s a hempette, you might ask? First and foremost, they’re not weed — hempettes are hemp flower with no THC, only CBD available. Basically, they’re weed that calms you down but doesn’t get you high.

The Motörhead hempettes come as a partnership between Global Merchandising Services and Alt Smokes, who created the product in correlation with the 40th anniversary of Motörhead’s groundbreaking 1980 album Ace of Spades.

“We are proud to be a part of the Motörhead crew celebrating the Ace of Spades 40-year anniversary and bringing you a premium smoke,” says Alt Smokes CEO Bryan Wyka.

Motörhead’s CBD smokes can be purchased by the pack or carton via Alt Smokes’ online store.

This isn’t the only vice brand celebrating Ace of Spades. Last year it was announced that Motörhead would team up with distillers Hillrock to release a limited batch of cask-strength bourbon. Each of the 1,100 bottles is hand-numbered and comes in this bespoke commemorative box, which is the kind of thing that purchasers should insist on their ashes being stored in after they die.

“A lush and velvety expression of Hillrock’s Solera Aged Bourbon amplified by this undiluted proof,” says the press release for this collaboration. “Specially selected for its delicate balance of proof and flavor, as well as its incredibly long finish. A truly decanter worthy bottling. Cask #1 was bottled at 115.6ᵒ and limited to 599 bottles, ABV of 57.8%. Cask #2 was bottled at 115.3ᵒ and limited to 623 bottles, ABV 57.65%.”


Words by Chris Krovatin