Most Metal Bike Ever: Man Rides On Ice Using Saw Blade Wheels

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We’ve all been there: you love riding your bike, but you’re also actively trying to make sure everyone in your little town knows you’re some sort of horror movie villain. More so, you keep slipping when you try to ride your bike across the local frozen lake, making the shoot for your black metal video especially perilous. How do you scare the shit out of your neighbors and champion the art of kvlt bicycle worship all at once? Answer: you make a bike with fucking saw blades for wheels!

Today’s bit of viral nonsense comes via The Q, a science and engineering YouTube channel that focuses on making crazy things which wouldn’t normally help anyone in real life, but which look pretty rad and make your eyes bug out. If you’ve ever wanted to build a car at home, this channel will show you how it’s done. Now, the makers have decided to show the world how a little metalwork and an average bicycle frame can turn you into the ultimate mixture between an Exhumed song and a Decemberists song.

As you’ll see, riding across the ice on this saw bike isn’t just about finding two huge circular saw blades and replacing your bike wheels with them. A solid amount of engineering and hard work goes into the process — and, as you’ll find out, the straight-up saw blades don’t work the first time. That said, it’s not about the destination so much as the journey, and the chance for your neighbors to see you come walking out of your house with two huge saw blades like you’re getting read to be the villain in a Herschell Gordon Lewis movie.

Check out the saw-blade bicycle below:

From all of us at The Pit, please remember not to ride this thing in circles. Here’s a little saw music to kick off your morning:


Words by Chris Krovatin