Here Are Birds Playing Thrash Metal (You’re Welcome)

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s fuck Monday. Unless you’re one of those top-button-less TED Talk entrepreneurs who think we should all be excited to go back to work, you, like us, hope Monday mornings can eat the Devil’s ass and die. But every so often, the universe notices our collective agony and gently hands us a small flicker of hope, to help us weather the storm that is the coming work week. And this morning, that’s tropical birds playing thrash metal.

The birds in question are jumping black-capped Lorikeets, originally filmed by Zoo South Autstralia. According to Wikipedia, these birds are mostly found around New Guinea and Indonesia, and are identifiable due to their black heads and yellow under-wings. They’re very rare, so if you catch one, don’t eat it.

That said, we’re here for the riffs. The metal version of these birds was created by YouTuber LeopARTnik, who used some animated arms and BC Rich Warlock guitars to make these two little guys look pretty much like Anthrax do at a show. The song that the birds in question are dancing around to is called “Higher Octane” by Vans In Japan (and before you start scrambling to claim that you knew Vans In Japan before they got featured in some bullshit YouTube video, and how these days no one respects an awesome act like Vans In Japan, siddown and have a chocolate milk because they’re apparently just part of a public domain audio library).

“Blackheads, black eyeliner…they are ready to give you a concert,” says LeopARTnik in his description, indicating that he has been to oh so many concerts where the band played the guitars and the crowd went crazy.

Brighten your morning with thrash metal lorikeets below:

Good luck on your Monday. If we can find a pangolin playing a blastbeat for your Tuesday, we’ll post it here, too.


Words by Chris Krovatin