Exclusive Stream: Immortal Guardian Rip Genre Boundaries To Shreds On Their Ambitious New Album

You could say Immortal Guardian are metal, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but it’s just not enough. The label-defying quartet combine groove metal’s chugs with power-prog’s far-reaching lyrics and technical acrobaticisms, all with doses of sweeping movie soundtracks, jazz, and modern pop sprinkled throughout. The result is a mind-bending musical mélange that will delight fans of heavy music as much as it will baffle them, and will remain stuck in your head even as you wonder if you’re thinking of one song or many all at once.

The band’s new album Psychosomatic takes this baroque chaos and thrusts it forward like a battering ram. The songs on the record feel galactic in their scope, and yet manage to stay grounded in their confrontation of the everyday turmoils of the modern man. When the chorus of the opening title track kicks in with a resounding, “QUARAN-TINE!” the listener realizes that maybe the band is just as monumental and astounding as the world we’re living in today.

“We are so happy to finally show the world all the blood sweat and tears we put into an album during this global pandemic. Psychosomatic was a record written about the pandemic during the pandemic expressing all the emotions and historical events that we went through as a society and the chaotic challenges we faced together. This is our heaviest and most melodic album of the band so far. We focused very heavily on the songwriting and less on being over technical. This album will take listeners on a journey that they will identify themselves with. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone was affected by this event and you will feel it in the music… ‘Because if you’re human, you’re in this game!’”

Listen to our exclusive advance stream of Immortal Guardian’s Psychosomatic below:

Digital pre-save, CD and limited-edition purple vinyl pre-orders for “Psychosomatic”, which will be released by M-Theory Audio on February 12, 2021 are available now.


Words by Chris Krovatin