Exclusive Premiere: Demiser Bring Blackened Thrash Warfare to America with “Unholy Sacrifices”

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In a world choked with so many cumbersome, self-important subgenres of heavy music, it’s comforting to know that Demiser are out there ripping shit up for the Devil. The South Carolina-based quintet’s blackened thrash stampede bristles with spikes and kicks over gravestones, unafraid to dedicate itself to the time-honored leisure pursuits of pounding whiskey and heralding the end of the world. While countless European bands chase these dreams, few American acts do so with the same vehemence as Demiser, a fact audible via the band’s firm footing in sweltering rock and roll even as they are undeniably thrash metal.

On their full-length debut Through The Gate Eternal, Demiser make a grand declaration of their arrival on the scene by leaving a blood-filled bootprint in its surface. The record is delicious to listen to from start to finish, packed as it is with curved-blade riffs, castle-crumbling drum gallops, and snarled lyrics straight out of Hell’s hymnal. Never ponderous or long-winded, always vital and entertaining, the album already promises to be one of 2021’s best. Nowhere is that statement made louder than “Unholy Sacrifices,” a hostile, complex number that proudly waves the banner of old-school Bathory while bringing new levels of dark occultism and sheer blistering power to the fold.

“‘Unholy Sacrifices’ is probably one of my favorite tracks on the album, as far as speed and diversity,” says vocalist Demiser the Demiser. “It’s got probably my favorite solo that [lead guitarist] Gravepisser does on the entire album. His leads on that are fast as fuck; I don’t know how he’s fucking doing it. I would say that it’s my go-to to show the world.”

Check out our exclusive premiere of Demiser’s “Unholy Sacrifices” below:

Demiser’s Through The Gate Eternal comes out March 12th on Boris Records and is available for preorder.


Words by Chris Krovatin