Corey Taylor Has Written Five Different Film Scripts

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Over the course of his life, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has worn many hats — metal singer, actor, father, that Jack Skellington stocking cap. Now, it appears that Taylor is adding screenwriter to the mix, as he’s revealed in a recent interview that he has a script in the works. Well, actually, he has five of them.

Speaking to New Jersey’s WDHAFM, Corey reveals that he’s got several script projects in development right now. The one that’s currently occupying his time is titled — wait for it — Zombie versus Ninja.

It’s exactly what [the name] implies,” says Corey. ​And it’s rad. I’m shopping that right now with a group of people who have actually helped me kind of tighten the script up. They’ve got the contacts. We’re kind of doing that right now.”

Corey goes on to note that his behind-the-scenes role won’t keep him offscreen, saying, “With any script that I write, I’ll probably take a little, smaller role and kind of give it to myself…There’s a couple of roles in [Zombie versus Ninja] that I’ll probably mess with. They’re not the main roles, but they’re just kind of tucked in the background, and people will go, ​Oh… hey!’ So it’s stuff like that that interests me.

Actually, I have no real interest in a big movie role,” he admits. ​To me, the interesting part is writing the story. The interesting part, for me, is creating the world, and then watching people kind of make that world a reality. That’s what I wanna see. I always said one of my goals was to see a movie through soup to nuts – from script to pre-pro to post to the screen.”

Check out the full interview below:

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Words by Chris Krovatin