blink-182’s “All The Small Things” In The Style of Korn Effectively Combines the ’90s’ Two Most Hated Genres

Journalist 2nd Class Denny Lester, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
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If there’s one genre that could beat out nu-metal for the ‘9os’ most hated musical culture, it’s pop-punk. While the former took the once-fun world of heavy metal down a spiral of angst, grittiness, and solo-less chugs, the latter took the once-serious genre of punk and injected it with irreverence, catchiness, and a whole lot of riffs that were fun to bounce to. Now, someone on TikTok has combined these two outsider genres by performing blink-182’s “All The Small Things” in the style of Korn, and the result is pretty spectacular.

As you can hear below, TikTok creator Zach MacLachlan decided to slap together “All The Small Things” with the haunted-house forensics-doll vibe of old-school Korn. He does a pretty great job of Jonathan Davis’ quiet, keening vocals, and gets the bounce riffs down well. That said, metalheads will surely notice that his harsh vocals definitely don’t get Davis’ “BOY!” tone down quite right. Most importantly, where’s the scatting? Is it even a real Korn song if there isn’t a moment of “DA-BOOOM” or “MMMMRATRRRMATA” somewhere in there?

Check out Zach’s ultra-exxxtreme version of “All The Small Things” below:

It’s funny that so many metalheads despised Korn in the ’90s, because Jonathan Davis is a diehard headbanger. Back in a 2019 interview, the singer called out Ozzy as his favorite rock god.

“I love Ozzy,” the Korn vocalist raved. “For one, he took us on our very first big arena tour. He presented me with my first gold record. He taught me a lot about the music business. He had me open up for him, a couple of Ozzfests with Korn, and he’s taken me out solo.

“I love the fact about Ozzy, when you hear him sing, you know it’s Ozzy in two seconds.

“[Black] Sabbath helped invent heavy metal music.

“I remember first hearing Ozzy probably when I was 12 or 13 years old on the TV, right when MTV hit. Little did I know that 10 years later I’d be touring with him.

“He’s the Prince of Darkness. All the things that you heard are just great stories. If they’re true or not, who cares? It just adds to the legend of Ozzy. And then I love his voice; I love the minor melodies that he did. I just looked up to him in the business. I didn’t have anyone to look up to, ’cause I was never into the rock scene. And that was the one that I gravitated to.”


Words by Chris Krovatin