Alice Cooper Gets Coronavirus Vaccine, Reveals He Already Had COVID-19

Photo by Sven Mandel, via Wikipedia.
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Last week saw Alice Cooper celebrating his 73rd birthday, which seemingly proves that sober living, Christian values, and chopping your head off every night with a guillotine are good for your health. Now, the Coop has revealed that he’s done something else in the name of longer living — gotten the COVID-19 vaccine. Not only that, but while announcing that news, he’s also told the world that he actually had COVID already.

In a video PSA reported on by Arizona Republic, Alice and his wife Sheryl appeared, with the shock rocker saying, ““Alice and Sheryl here. We’re out here getting vaccinated. We’ve already had COVID but we got vaccinated anyways.”

“It was a painless injection,” added Sheryl.

The vaccination effort was being led by Team Rubicon, a nonprofit organization that pairs military veterans with first responders to help in times of need, was assisting at the site with volunteer management.

“It was great,” Rich Mogull, Team Rubicon’s Phoenix Communications Coordinator, told the press. “The Coopers showed up and none of these volunteers knew they were going to be there. They got autographs and got to talk to Alice and his wife.”

When asked about Team Rubicon, Alice, ever the showman, tossed out that they were “a great band. I have all their albums. They’re really one of the best bands I’ve ever heard.”

This month sees Alice Cooper’s latest album, Detroit Stories, drop on February 26. In November, the singer released his first single from the album, a cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Rock & Roll.”

“Detroit was Heavy Rock central then,” said Alice in a statement. “You’d play the Eastown and it would be Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, the Stooges and the Who, for $4! The next weekend at the Grande it was MC5, Brownsville Station and Fleetwood Mac, or Savoy Brown or the Small Faces. You couldn’t be a soft-rock band or you’d get your ass kicked.

“Los Angeles had its sound with The Doors, Love and Buffalo Springfield. San Francisco had the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. New York had The Rascals and The Velvet Underground. But Detroit was the birthplace of angry hard rock. After not fitting in anywhere in the US (musically or image wise) Detroit was the only place that recognized the Alice Cooper guitar driven, hard rock sound and our crazy stage show. Detroit was a haven for the outcasts. And when they found out I was born in East Detroit… we were home.”

Check out Alice Cooper’s cover of “Rock & Roll” below:

Alice Cooper’s Detroit Stories comes out Friday, February 26th, on earMusic, and is available for preorder.


Words by Chris Krovatin