Alexi Laiho’s Widow Shares Photos From His Funeral Service

Via Kelli Wright-Laiho's Instagram
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Earlier this year, the metal world was shocked to learn that Children of Bodom frontman Alexi Laiho had passed away at the age of 41. Not only was Alexi an incredible guitar player, he was also a proud supporter of all things metal who rescued the genre during one of its more mirthless eras. Now, Alexi’s widow Kelli Wright-Laiho has shared some photos from his private funeral service.

“Although Shelby and I were unable to be there physically on the 28th of January, we were still able to share this heartbreakingly beautiful day with Alexi’s closest,” wrote Kelli via her Instagram.

“I’d like to thank my family @annalaiho and @roopekaukinen for trusting me in all arrangements.

“My perfect love, your memory is sown in our hearts where it will stay forever, cherished and honored.”


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Right after Alexi’s death was announced, Kelli issued a statement saying, “Thank you all so much for your beautiful energy and support. I’m taking time out to grieve our enormous loss with our immediate Finnish and Australian family. Understandably, as you are, we’re completely broken but wanted you to know, We love and appreciate you all so much.”


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Alexi’s death was officially announced Monday, January 4th, though it was implied in a statement released by Laiho’s label Napalm Records that the guitarist’s health had been suffering for some months, and that his actual date of death may have been over the recent holiday break. No one within Alexi’s camp has revealed a specific cause of death, but the same statement noted that “Laiho had suffered from long-term health issues during his last years.” Alexi apparently died in his Helsinki home last week.

“Alexi was the most loving and magnificent husband and father,” said Kelli at the time of the announcement. “Our hearts are eternally broken.”


Words by Chris Krovatin