Tribulation Release Eerie Music Video for Thrashy Track “Funeral Pyre”

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Last we spoke to stygian Swedish metal crew Tribulation, they were helping us identify rock and metal musicians who are secretly vampires. Now, the band have released a new music video for “Funeral Pyre,” a track from their upcoming album When The Gloom Becomes Sound, and it’s definitely on-brand for them.

As you’ll see in the video below, “Funeral Pyre” definitely stays true to its title, with the band performing around a pagan funeral blaze. But before that, it follows a woman in sodden dress dragging a corpse through a swamp, bathed in the kind of foggy gray light that makes one wonder if they’re already dead and trapped in some sort of repeating nightmare. It’s a cool way for Tribulation to honor their horrific roots without just showing the band performing in or near a castle.

“Here’s something for the fire worshippers out there: an ode to the one that transforms and delivers, aids and burns,” says the band. “It’s a song about sacrifice and loss and the immortality quest of heroes past. Giving form to the name, we had the help of Claudio Mario and Artax Film who contributed with their own vision of ‘Funeral Pyre‘ – as ragged, yet stylish and clean-cut as always.”

Check out the video for “Funeral Pure” below:

Tribulation’s When the Gloom Becomes Sound drops January 29th via Metal Blade Records, and is available for preorder. Check out the cover art below:

Not only that, but the band have also announced a European 2021 tour with Bolzer and Molassess, saying, “Now at summer’s end in the near endless year of trials and tribulations that is 2020, after a touring hiatus and a new album in the so called, bag, we are very happy to announce that we are yet again about to trek across the ancient body of Europa – over her flesh and through her veins – the land where the sun ever sets.”

Catch the band at one of the following dates:


Words by Chris Krovatin