This New Ultimate Papa Emeritus Figure Is Every Ghost Fan’s Dream Collectible, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Metalheads definitely love their toys. Whether it’s because fans consider their musical idols superheroes, or because the genre originated in the massive toy boom of the ’80s (the era that spawned Transformers, He-Man, Ninja Turtles, and the most extreme incarnation of Barbie), heavy metal fans will jump at a chance to own statuettes and action figures of their favorite musical icons. But it’s hard to imagine we ever knew a toy would get made as awesome as this new Ultimate Papa Emeritus figure.

Created by indie toy company Super7, the Ultimate Papa figure is a depiction of Papa Emeritus I from Ghost‘s Opus Eponymous period. Standing 7″ tall and made to order, it’s the type of toy we all dreamed of having as a kid.The toy also comes with a slew of accessories and interchangeable parts, including:

  • 2 heads (Papa I with Original Mitre and Papa I with Golden Mitre)
  • 1 pair of black gloved fists
  • 1 pair of black gloved gripping hands
  • 1 pair of black gloved expressive hands
  • 2 soft goods vestments (Original Red / Black and White / Gold)
  • 2 Thuribles with real chains (silver and gold) Microphone with stand
  • Microphone and mic stand

Check out some photos below:

Super7’s Ultimate Papa Emeritus is expected to ship in Winter of 2021, but is available for preorder from Super7’s site.

Whether or not Ghost will release an album before spring rolls around remains to be seen. Swedish publication VK (and translated via Google Translate) wrote, “The idea was that Ghost would hit the road again in March next year. Those plans have been postponed until the autumn of 2021, but a new album will be released this winter.”

Obviously, “this winter” is a broad term — Ghost could be releasing a new album around Christmas, or they could be dropping it as far out as March 2021. But fans can apparently take comfort in knowing that new Ghost is on its way.

Forge also discussed the possibility of Ghost continuing their live shows, which have become such an important part of their persona and worldwide renown.

“We have played with the idea of ​​perhaps playing in a smaller context if it is an alternative. But my purpose in playing live with Ghost is not to do it at any price, because that’s not what people want to see. People want to see a show, he says. It’s not just that I show up and it’s done, quite the opposite.”

More about Ghost’s new album as we know it.


Words by Chris Krovatin