The 2021 Grammy Awards Have Been Postponed

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In November, the Grammys announced their 2021 nominees, including those for Best Metal Performance (which, if you’re reading this site, is probably the only category you really care about). However, it’s now been announced that due to COVID-19 concerns, the Grammys have been postponed, possibly to March.

As Rolling Stone reports, the 2021 Grammys have been postponed due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus, which has run especially rampant in California of late. Organizers have yet to confirmed the awards’ new date, but sources have said that March is the tentative plan.

This isn’t a huge surprise, given that this year’s Grammys was already planned as a limited show, with only performers and presenters actually allowed on-site during the show. This also means that nominated artists wouldn’t have been allowed to attend as well, resulting in a lot of remote acceptance speeches (similar to what Nine Inch Nails did for their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction).

This is only really a bummer for metal fans because the Grammys are that rare moment where heavy metal artists get to rub elbows with massive pop musicians, and it would have been fun to watch the remaining members of Power Trip hit the red carpet, or to see Harry Styles nervously try to flirt with In This Moment’s Maria Brink (we can only hope he’s aware that even if she did accept him as a mate, Maria would then summarily behead and eat him before performing an intense back-and-forth dance of dominance).

For the record, here are the nominees for Best Metal Performance:

Body Count, “Bum Rush”
Code Orange, “Underneath”
In This Moment, “The In-Between”
Poppy, “Bloodmoney”
Power Trip, “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe) – Live”

More news as to when the 2021 Grammys will be rescheduled as it comes. For now, you’ll have to find something else to look forward to this month.


Words by Chris Krovatin

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