New Metal Out Today: 1/8

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It’s Friday, which means two things: giving this week the finger and new music! Tune in every Friday for The Pit’s round-up of new releases, from singalong hard rock to pus-drenched underground death metal. Keep those ears bleeding!

Frozen Soul, Crypt of Ice (Century Media)

For fans of: Witch Vomit, Asphyx, Of Feather and Bone

Standout track: “Merciless”

Man, you might hear that a band named Frozen Soul has released an album called Crypt of Ice and think, Oh, so, like, harsh black metal? But nah, man, this record is pure thousand-pound death metal, all the way through. Never going full cavernous but riding the low end the entire time, this album’s a solid listen if you need something grinding, furious, and deeply misanthropic to blast around the house. We’re here for the scowling.

If I Were The Devil, If I Were The Devil (Self-released)

For fans of: Behemoth, Bashiri, Pyrrhon

Standout track: “Wolves”

Holy shit, who knew philosophical satanism could rip this hard — and that it would come from Illinois? If I Were The Devil make noisy, grimy death-thrash that goes deep into the spiritual philosophy of Lucifer worship; imagine Behemoth’s lyrical themes without all of the European moustache-twirling, via a death metal band who listen to a lot of Zeke, and you’ve got an idea of what’s going on here. Heavy, involved, and super duper in your face, this band’s self-titled debut is packed with the promise of awesome work to come. Hail Satan!

Malakhim, Theion (Iron Bonehead Productions)

For fans of: Aosoth, The Ominous Circle, Deathspell Omega

Standout track: “Slither O Serpent”

There’s a solid middle ground between death and black metal that’s struck on Malakhim’s new album. Theion has the steady thunder of the former, with its constant blastbeats and steady momentum. At the same time, the latter’s arcane black magic is present here in the record’s atonal guitar parts and arch atmosphere. Fans of one or the other will find something to enjoy on this brash, imperial-sounding record from this Swedish quartet. As the old saying goes, If you can’t take the heat, adorn yourself with the markings of ancient gods and raze the kitchen to the ground.

Stellar Death, Fragments of Light (Self-released)

For fans of: Mono, Nothing, Gojira’s calmer moments

Standout track: “Binary Collapse”

By no means are Stellar Death ‘metal’ — the band play a mixture of shoegaze, prog, and doom that is prettier and less kinetic than any metal record. At the same time, there’s a vague sense of heaviness here, a feeling like one is staring off into the vacuum and realizing the scope of the universe, that will strike a chord with metalheads. If you’re feeling punchy, look elsewhere; if you’re pretty high and want to feel like you’re molting your physical self, this’ll work.


Words by Chris Krovatin